4 DIY Ideas To Keep Thanksgiving Frugal and Fancy

4 ideas to keep thanksgiving fancy and frugal

I have been hanging around on Pinterest (come follow me) and these 4 ideas are some of the sweetest ideas to keep Thanksgiving Frugal and Fancy this season.  The reason I love these ideas is that they are minimalistic in concept and everything  can be recycled or composted so you don’t have to store them all year.


DIY Magnetic Name Tags

By Bump Smitten


I love this clever idea of using a magnet to connect a topper to glass.  I was thinking I would use a mason jar.  This tutorial bump smitten is great.


DIY Stenciled Burlap Placemats

By DIY Inspired

eat burlap placemat

This placemat is cheap and straight forward. Cut, Stencil. Use. Compost.  Her tutorial is really great and full of pictures.

Free Printable Placemat

By Oh My Deer Handmades


This blogger provides a free printable to turn parchment paper into a thoughtful placemat.

Rosemary Wreaths

By Spoon Fork Bacon


I LOVE THIS ONE!  This blogger, Spoon Fork Bacon has a great picture tutorial for these rosemary wreaths.   Rosemary is easily found, smells good, and can be thrown into the compost when you are done.  Or if you want to get crazy, you could make them into something else to decorate for Christmas!


I would love to know your frugal and fancy ideas for Thanksgiving, please leave some ideas in the comments below.







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