5 Holiday Infused Water Recipes

5 holiday infused water recipesI know boozing is fun during the holidays, but let’s not forget for rehydrate!

Not only are these waters colorful and tasty they might just keep the pounds off this holiday season and keep you happy. 

Did you know if you drink eight ounces of water before a meal it might help you eat less?

And that staying hydrated can improve your mood?  The more dehydrated you get the more likely it is that you will  be grumpy.  And who wants to be a grump? 

So cheers to water!

Check out these great recipes!

Apple Cinnamon Ginger Water  By: Nancy Creative

Orange and Rosemary Water By: She Knows.com

Cranberry and Mint Water By: Oh So Delicioso

Lemon Ginger Spritzer By: 5 Little Homesteaders

Pomegranate and Rosemary Water By: Divine Glowing Health

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