A Book Review: Clean

Did you see Lauren’s post on Wednesday? She shared how to make the most amazing orange surface cleaner. Yesterday, we shared our favorite blog posts related to spring cleaning. I guess you could say, here at Fancy Nonsense, we’re on a bit of a spring cleaning kick. To continue in that spirit, we’re reviewing a book that promotes the cleaning of the body and mind.


Clean, written by Alejandro Junger, suggests the majority of common ailments are linked to and a result of toxic buildup in our bodies. Junger discusses how our daily habits and routines are, more often than not, filled with chemicals that our bodies cannot handle. He acknowledges that toxins are unavoidable but proposes a solution.

His solution is not simple, but it is a solution he came about through his own experience. He found himself needing to improve his own health, and learned how to do so as he traveled around the world. The Clean Program is a detox- a 21 day detox. The idea of the cleanse is to create the right conditions for your body. The right conditions will allow your body to naturally heal itself. The cleanse is made up of a dietary list to help you avoid foods known to cause allergies, sensitivities, and/or digestive problems.

Last year, my husband and I took on the challenge to read and complete the Clean Cleanse. We knew the challenge would be difficult because we love food and enjoy gathering around food with family and friends. Despite that, I was adamant we did the cleanse because I wanted to feel better. I get frequent headaches. And, lucky me, I get stomach aches pretty often too. We tried the cleanse. We juiced in the morning, ate a larger than “normal” lunch, and had a smoothie each evening just as Junger suggests. We felt great- energetic, hydrated, CLEAN. On the seventh day, I couldn’t take it any longer. We didn’t complete the cleanse, not even half of the cleanse. I blame my failure on the delicious hamburgers and beer at Phoenix Public Market. Despite the difficulty and my failure, I want to try the cleanse again (even if I only make it a day longer than before).

Junger’s book provides wonderful explanations, guidance, and encouragement. The book serves as a resource before, during, and after the cleanse (if you make it that far). Are you wanting to spring clean your body and mind? I highly recommend reading Clean and giving the cleanse a try.

Here’s to more than 7 days of the Clean Cleanse!

If you have done the cleanse or decide to give it a try, we’d love to hear about it. How’d you feel? What was easy? What was difficult?

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