Sticking with something is hard for me.

Even after committing in my mind that I’d like to change and make new habits, I fail.

I will be fully strong and diligent for 3 days, but then that’s it.

That’s all the gumption I have is for 3 measly little days.

After the third day my mind talks to me and says…”oh it’s not that important.”  And like a record playing over and over again I hear excuses.  “There is no need to be so strict about this, there is more to life than rules.”

And I end up talking myself out of the thing in which I actually want to do…. like flossing and working out and not yelling at my kids and drinking water and staying on top of laundry and the list goes on and and on.

But I have been learning a few things about myself lately.

I am highly competitive and like to work towards an incentive.  So when my husband came home from the dentist with a strict warning to start flossing we decided to mark it on the mirror in the bathroom to see who could do it more.  (I feel you should know I am winning)  I have never flossed so much in my life.  Since this was working so well for us we decided to add working out to the mirror chart.

Who knew that putting a mark on the bathroom mirror would be so motivating?

We also just took it up a notch.  The first one to mark on the mirror 50 times (which means working out and flossing all in same day) will win a weekend away from the kids to do whatever they want.

Is that motivating to me?  You freakin’ betcha.  Now as I workout I fantasize about the countless hours of reading, sleeping and brunching with friends I will be doing.

What motivates you?

Does competition and reward?

Or is it the results and the satisfaction of doing a job well done?

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