These Are My Confessions


These are my confessions

I feed my kids frozen waffles, cold hot dogs, frozen peas in a bowl with a spoon all the time.  They actually don’t know these things are supposed to be any different.  I mean let’s be honest, by the time you heat it, make all the plates, get the condiments on and serve it, half the time it’s cold anyway.  Or if it isn’t they just complain about it being too hot.  So I skip all that and serve it cold.

I think couches should come with car seat latches.  That way we could strap our kids down in front of a show and take a shower or get something done without them painting the walls or cutting each others’ hair.  I may have tried doing this in my car recently.  Note to self the minivan battery is not big enough for a feature length film.

I am really getting into essential oils, but have no idea how they work.  All I know is that they are magical and so I pretend they are made by fairies in an enchanted woods somewhere.   I am also convinced unicorns are some how involved.


Photography by Sarah Waggoner

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  • Kira

    Love that photo! Could you guys be any cuter?!

    • fancynonsense

      Thanks Kira. I am working with a fantastic photographer. Her name is Sarah, go check out her photos they are amazing.

  • Glynka FritzMiller

    but at least they are Trader Joe’s waffles, right?

    Thanks for keeping it real in mommy land!

    • fancynonsense

      Thanks for being here Glynka. And of course they are Trader Joe’s!