Connection to the Land


We are on an extended adventure in Ohio (where both my husband and I grew up)  and it has been so refreshing and encouraging to me.  When I left Cincinnati 15 years ago, I left with a huge ego and a sense of judgement. I was convinced that the rest of the world was better than Cincinnati, and that this place where I grew up had nothing left to offer me. (Obviously I was ignorant and naive).  Now after fighting for community, and cultivating an amazing life for ourselves in Phoenix, coming back to Cincinnati feels like falling into a big feathery bed of comfort and support.

I realize as I sit at the kitchen table at my uncle’s farm, the same farm my mom grew up on, that there is something really special about knowing your history and having a connection to the land you came from. 

So as I reconnect, recharge, and recenter in my time here I am thankful for my roots and my incredible family that has made me so strong and confident and for their love and acceptance as I plop myself back here for 3 weeks.


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