DIY Burlap Banner

Even though I don’t have a green thumb, every spring I think about gardening. I have grand plans in my head of finally starting a garden, and I dream about all the vegetables and flowers I want to grow. Then life gets in the way, and the flowers at Trader Joe’s are too pretty to pass up. And those flowers satisfy my garden dreams for a little while longer. Meanwhile, I’ve been thinking about growing and blooming, both in our yards and in our life. I love the idea that the world blooming around us is a reflection of how life feels sometimes. So I made this easy burlap banner to celebrate the idea of the growth happening all around us!

burlap banner

burlap banner

Supplies you’ll need:
Burlap (I used a coffee bean sack, we try to upcycle when we can!)
Foam brush

Layout the first word with your stencils on the burlap, you can tape them down if you’d like. Me being the messy crafter I am skipped this step.
Next, take your paint and foam brush and fill the letters in.
Once you’re done with the first word, repeat the steps above for the words that follow.
After you have painted your phrase or quote, cut the burlap to the size of your choice. I like to use the lines in the burlap as a grid to guide my scissors.
Finally, find a cute hanger or pretty ribbon to hang your new artwork up!


I love how fun and easy this was! It has a happy place on my wall right now. Plus, it’s helping keep my garden dream alive!

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