DIY Cake Stand


DIY Cake Stand

This cake stand may be the easiest DIY project you ever tackle, and you may even feel a little guilty knowing how easy it was. The end result is not only beautiful, but will take you about five minutes to make.

Here are the supplies you’ll need for your DIY cake stand:

That’s it. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

DIY Cake Stand


  • Wash and dry all of the pieces. Working with a clean surface ensures maximum adhesion is achieved.
  • Set your plate on top of the glass and find out where the center is. Some plates are not flat on the bottom so this is an important step. Feel free to draw a guide with a washable marker so you know where to put the glue.
  • After you’ve found the center of plate, pour the super glue on your base (make sure you get glue that is quick drying and can be used on glass).
  • Immediately attach the base to the plate and adjust it very quickly if needed. Now here’s the hard part, at least for me, don’t touch it! Let the glue do it’s thing.
  • It’s okay if it’s not perfect. This piece is meant to be unique and it will still serve it’s purpose just fine. And who doesn’t like a little funk in their crafts? You’ll notice one of ours came out a bit wonky, it’s okay – we love it!


DIY Cake Stand

We found everything we needed at a local thrift store and hardware store, and spent about $20 to make three cake stands.

If you already have some of the supplies, you’ll spend even less. We went with a simple pattern on the plates, but a colorful floral pattern or bold tones would be fun as well!

Have fun crafting and keep it fancy!


Photography by Sarah Waggoner



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  • Sam (Wank) Dent

    Great idea! I’ve made temporary cake stands using the same concept but I love what you’ve done here. Perfect for a couple of upcoming showers I’m planning. 🙂

    • Lauren

      Thanks Sam! I have to say I’m a bit obsessed with this idea now. Every time I see a candle stick or a plate I think….what cupcakes would look good on that? and I need to have a party! I would love to see what you made! Tag me in a picture on instagram!

    • fancynonsense

      Thanks Sam! I would love to see what you make! Will you tag me on instagram? @fancynonsense Thanks for checking out my blog. That means a lot!

      • Sam D.

        Your blog is great! I’ve been a reader for a while but thought it was time I start commenting on some of these great posts! I’m a fan of the meal planning Mondays too! I’ll definitely tag you on Instagram if I get around to making these adorable stands!

  • Kate

    This has inspired me. I have a baby shower I am hosting and this is exactly what I am going to do!

    • fancynonsense

      Thanks Kate! There are so many cool plates at the thrift store. Sometime it’s so hard to choose. Will you tag me on instagram? I would love to see how your style comes out in yours!