Easy DIY Easter Egg Candles

I didn’t know how much fun dying eggs could be when there aren’t little kids around. I mean sure it’s fun to do with them but it’s REALLY fun to do as an adult when you know it’s not going to spill everywhere. Playing with colors, tints, and hues is fascinating to me. I got the idea from eco monster. Their tutorial is a bit different with more details if you are into measuring and exactness 🙂 They have super fun ideas so go like them on facebook.
easter egg candles
dye raw eggs

I didn’t have any crack in the dying process.

crack the top off the egg

After you have cracked them make a Quiche!

easter egg melted wax

I used old candles and a cube of household wax I found at the grocery store. To melt the wax use a double boiler, and if you are upcycling your old candles fish out the used wicks with tongs.

birthday candle wicks

Once the wax is poured into the eggs put one birthday candle in the middle. I did trim the candles with scissors while I waited for the wax to melt. They were about a half inch too tall. When I put them into the egg I pushed it down a bit to melt the birthday wax to the egg so the birthday candle wouldn’t tip over. Or do it the eco monster way. (They were a bit smarter about it than I was). Then DON’T move them until they are set.

candle stick

Please let me know if you try the project. It would be so fun to share. I thought another fun take on this would be white eggs with dyed wax. Happy creating!

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