Easy Drinker: 6 Beers You Should Try This Summer

Springtime Beer

 Today’s post is from my friend Chris Davis.  We have been in small group together for the past two years and every Tuesday  8-10 of us gather at my house to share dinner, laugh and talk about the past weeks sermon.  He has introduced me to so many incredible beers we thought it would be fun for him to lay some out for us here on the blog.

Beer is the perfect beverage. When someone asks, “What would this beer go with?” The answer must be: “Another beer.” Unless you have had a few beers already and then the answer might be, “Anoover ber.” (Say it aloud and you’ll get it) Another acceptable answer is BBQ, and seeing as we are in full swing of summer, this is a perfect time to enjoy a brew with a burger, some ribs, some potato salad, or….. another beer.

Beer tastes good, smells good, and looks good. I don’t know much about anything besides punk rock, tattoos, beer and a bit of theology. I don’t think that punk rock, tattoos, or theology have a place in this post. So much of the time beer brings out the inner snob in everyone, because excellent beer is somewhat of an acquired taste…. but that’s lame. Today we are going to be rounding up 6 beers that are easy to enjoy. These beers are delicious, inexpensive, and (hopefully) easy to find.

1) Oskar Blues Brewery – Dales Pale Ale

A fairly standard pale ale. Lightly hoppy, clear amber color with a medium head. I also love that it comes in a can. It has a lovely aroma and it is super easy to drink. It should be easy to find.  Our Trader Joe’s carries this one.

2)Hangar 24 Craft Brewery – Orange Wheat

Ancient Chinese proverb regarding people acting stupid, “I remember my first beer.” While I do not remember my first beer, I do remember the first beer I liked and this was it. This is an easy to enjoy beer that should be drank with an orange slice. Seriously. It makes it way better. This one might be  a little bit harder to find, but if you are on the west coast you shouldn’t have too hard a time.

3) Magic Hat Brewing – #9 Not Quite Pale Ale

When someone says, “I don’t like beer.” I usually respond with, “I don’t like you.” (Just kidding. My wife doesn’t like beer that much.) My next response is to give them this beer. Its delicious, easy to drink, and tastes like apricots.

4) Brewery Ommegang – Witte

Usually I don’t like Wietbiers. I like this one. Easy to drink. Hazy in color with a Belgian yeast strains, which add a complexity that makes this an awesome easy drinker. This one should be easy to find, but is also the most expensive of the 6.

5) Left Hand Brewing Co. – Sawtooth Ale Nitro

DISCLAIMER: DO NOT DRINK THIS BEER OUT OF THE BOTTLE. Really, I say this about all of these beers. But especially this one. With nitro beers (beers that are carbonated with nitrogen instead of carbon dioxide) you HAVE to drink them out of a glass, cup, or mug – or if you’re Barney from the Simpsons, an ash tray. When/if you buy this beer, literally turn it upside down and pour it into a glass as fast it will come out. This is my favorite beer out of the 6 that have been round up today. Easy drinker, super smooth with solid malty flavor.

6) Founders Brewing Co. – All Day IPA

If you don’t like IPA’s or don’t know what an IPA is, you might not enjoy this one. It’s a session IPA. Session IPA’s are beers that have been brewed with one intent, the ability to have another. They are brewed with a low alcohol content but still does not compromise on flavor. Founders might be a more difficult to find depending on where you are in the country, but definitely worth a try if you can find it.

I was asked by Lauren to keep it under 6oo words. BUT I REFUSE TO CONFORM. 601.









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