Fancy Finds: for Long Lashes

As we gather together here at Fancy Nonsense to collaborate and share in community, we celebrate our similarities and differences as well as our unique gifts, interests, and perspectives. By sharing some fancy finds with you, we hope to provide a source of inspiration. We want these round-ups to serve as encouragement. Not encouragement to focus on materials, but something more personal. Similar to a friend sharing the products and tips they love. Maybe you’ll find something that’s a better fit for your budget, or something eye opening and fun. Or maybe you will be reminded how much you do like what you already have. If that’s the case, you must share them with us! Hopefully we will all find something fancy in the process.

best mascara

My husband says he thinks I’m prettier when I’m wearing no makeup at all.  Despite the sweet compliment, I continue to wear it because I enjoy wearing makeup and the process of putting it on.  If I’m running late and have to forgo part of my morning routine, without thought, I will throw my hair in a ponytail.  Getting dressed is a nonnegotiable (obviously) and, for me, eating breakfast is a necessity.  I also need a few minutes to apply mascara.  I can forget about the foundation, blush, shadow, or liner, but not the mascara.  I’m not sure why that is.  Maybe its because the first thing I notice about someone is their eyes.  Maybe its because I feel and look more awake, wearing mascara.  To tell you the truth, with mascara I feel like a changed woman; I feel more confident.  Is mascara your must-have makeup item?  Why do you wear it?  Are you loyal to a particular mascara?  Or are you always trying new products in an attempt to get those perfect lashes?

Here are our picks for long lashes:

Lauren:  Blinc Mascara, Black $20.99

Lindsay:  Maybelline New York, Volum’ Express One by One, Black $6.60

Natasha:  MAC, False Lash, #43 $24.97

Sarah D.:  Smashbox, Full Exposure Mascara, Jet Black $20.99

Sarah W.:  LORAC, PRO Mascara, Black $23

So tell us, what’s your favorite mascara?  What do you love about it?


Photography by Sarah Waggoner


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