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As we gather together here at Fancy Nonsense to collaborate and share in community, we celebrate our similarities and differences as well as our unique gifts, interests, and perspectives. By sharing some Fancy Finds with you, we hope to provide a source of inspiration. We want these round-ups to serve as encouragement. Not encouragement to focus on materials, but something more personal.  Similar to a friend sharing the products and tips they love. Maybe you’ll find something that’s a better fit for your budget, or something eye opening and fun. Or maybe you will be reminded how much you do like what you already have.  If that’s the case, you must share them with us! Hopefully we will all find something fancy in the process.

15863559_mSometimes you come across something so inspiring, something that resonates deep within you.  Sometimes it seems that it was written or created just for you; speaking to who you are and where you are at in that exact moment, place, and time.  Don’t you love it when that happens?  Here are some powerful posts that we wanted to share with you.  What do you think of them?  Have some to share?  Please do.

Here are our picks:

Lauren: Shopping Your Joy Away– A thought provoking post about our culture of over-consumption, asking readers “Why do we believe the lie that more cute stuff equals perfection, love and happiness ever after?”

Lindsay: Woman at the Well– A creative, modern day monologue version of the interaction between Jesus and the Woman at the Well.  What resonated with me was the woman’s desire to be known.  “To be known is to be loved, and to be loved is to be known.”  Do you have a deep desire to be known, and to be loved?

Natasha: Babies Ruin Bodies-  A beautiful reflection and encouragement for all moms (even future mothers).  I love how the author ends her post writing, “My body is only a vessel for my spirit. An incredible vessel. It is strong, well, abled, and undefeated. My body is full of life.  My body is powerful. My body made me a mother.” 

Sarah: Rice Night– The author shares an impacting family “tradition” that teaches her kids the importance of giving at an early age in a very tangible way.

What are some meaningful posts you have read this month?  We would love to know in the comments.



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