Gravy Tips


5 gravy fixes

Gravy is like the icing of Thanksgiving dinner.  My favorite dish if you can call it that.  My Dad makes the best gravy, and of course there is no recipe to share.  I am going to have to stalk him in the kitchen and take notes.  All I know is that there is a significant amount of butter, salt, and stirring involved.

Since I don’t have a recipe for you I want to give you some general tips that will help when making any kind of gravy.


If your Gravy is too:

Thin – Dissolve 1 tablesppoon cornstarch in about 2 tablespoons COLD water; stir into gravy with a whisk.  Boil ans stir for one minute.

Salty – Add a peeled raw potato, cut into eighths.  Cook and stir 5-10 minutes; then remove the potato pieces

Lumpy – Pour into a food processor and process until smooth, or press gravy through a strainer; return to pan and heat.

Greasy – Put a slice of fresh bread on top of the gravy for a few seconds to absorb the fat; remove the bread before it breaks into pieces. 


Keeping gravy hot can be a challenge.  If you have a small slow cooker this could be a great time to use it.  Another tip is to warm your gravy boat with hot water 15 minutes before you are ready to serve the gravy.  Then when it’s time to serve dump the water, and add your hot gravy.  This will keep in warmer longer on the table.  


Also if you really want to get ahead of the game you can make gravy ahead of time and either refrigerate it for 3-4 days or freeze it for 2 months.  When it’s time to defrost it do it slowly and it will need to be whisked back together as many of the ingredients will have separated.

What gravy recipe are you using this year?  Leave the link in the comments.   


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