Homemade Valentines


There is something so special about getting homemade Valentines, isn’t there? This Valentine’s Day, make a card for someone special in your life. Don’t let the idea overwhelm you. Maybe you think a homemade card is too time consuming, or maybe you think it might look a little too kitschy. For one, don’t be fooled: kitschy can be great. But more importantly, homemade is beautiful! Here’s a quick DIY with supplies you probably have on hand.




Supplies you’ll need to make homemade Valentines:

blank card, scissors, glue, doily, blank gift tag, baker’s twine, stamp, ink pad and washi tape.

Step 1:
First, get a blank card, or some paper that you can fold into a card. I always have kraft paper on hand (I’m obsessed!), these ones are great. Have your doilies ready, any color will do. Take your doily and adhere it to one corner of the card, leaving some excess on the sides.

Step 2:
Take your scissors and trim the excess of the doily so it lines up with the edge of your card.

Step 3:
Get a tag out, and write or stamp a sweet phrase. For an added touch, tie some twine or ribbon on it.

Step 4:
Next, adhere the tag to the card, layering it on top of the doily.

Step 5:
Now grab your washi tape! Measure out how much you want to use for your card, and trim accordingly. I like to cut the edge for a decorative look, but leaving it just as it is looks nice too. Adhere it to the card for a final, polished look.

You now have a beautiful card to give to your loved ones. The layout of this card is wonderful because you can change it up for lots of life’s celebrations. It’s quick, easy and fancy. Happy crafting!

What are your favorite supplies to make cards with?  Leave us some tips in the comments!

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