Homemade Yogurt

creamy yogurt at home

A few months ago I purchase this yogurt maker in an effort to save some money in my grocery budget. Since I’m a stay-at-home mom I often have more time than money.  So I thought I would give yogurt making a go.  On top of the immediate weekly savings there are some great health benefits as well.   I use whole milk so the yogurt is  full of the good fat my kids evidently need, and we also bypass all the added sugar and preservatives the grocery varieties can include.

But the one thing I kept struggling with until recently was my yogurt not being creamy. It tasted good but it was a little on the lumpy side and quite honestly reminded me of curdled milk and I just couldn’t eat it.  So on a whim the other night I pulled out my mixer, attached the whisk to it and thought maybe a good whip would help the consistency. And can I tell you it is like Yopliat now, smooth and dessert like.

So if you are like me and coming up a bit disappointed with the consistency of your homemade yogurt, get your whisk out and have at it. Whip it when it is still warm before putting it in the fridge.

Here is my yogurt recipe


4 cups whole milk

1 pack of yogurt starter

A candy thermometer is very helpful in this process.


In a heavy sauce pan bring milk to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. (It’s almost at a  boil, but not.)

Let cool to 112 degrees

Stir in yogurt starter

Put in yogurt maker for 8 -10 hours.

Whip yogurt to a smooth consistency while warm

Put in the fridge to cool and set.



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  • maayan

    Whats a yogurt maker, container? And do i stir before?

    • fancynonsense

      Great questions. A yogurt maker is something that keeps the milk at an even 110 degrees. Here is a link to mine. http://amzn.to/13PCr2h There are two times you stir, once when you put the yogurt starter in, and then again after the yogurt is made to whip it to a smooth consistency. You don’t really want to stir it while it’s “cooking” I think that might mess it up a bit.

  • Laura

    How long is the yogurt good for in the fridge once it’s made?