Is Coffee Good For You?

potential health benefits of coffee

I choose to believe yes, absolutely yes! Here are some reasons why.

  • Increase your energy – we all know about this one. But how awesome is it that you can drink a cup of joe and get such an energy boost? Because it increases your energy it improves your physical performance and keeps you active.
  • Breaks down fat –  Studies have shown that coffee boosts your metabolic rate, which in turns helps burn more fat.
  • Lowers risk of many diseases – Studies show that coffee helps lower your risk of Type II Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. For most of those, there is no known cure. Coffee can be a great (and tasty) preventative treatment.
  • Loaded with antioxidants – some of us struggle with eating fruits and vegetables loaded with antioxidants, despite how good they are for us. But for many of us, drinking coffee is a daily ritual. Coffee is loaded with antioxidants and helps prevent free radicals and aging effects on the body. So do yourself a favor and keep up the good habit!
  • Helps you live longer – because coffee may help prevent so many diseases and the energy boost it gives keeps you active, regular coffee drinkers are likely to live longer.
  • Makes you happy – studies have shown that the “caffeine high” coffee gives makes people happy. Coffee also has shown to been effective for those who struggle with depression or its symptoms, because it acts as a natural, mild antidepressant.
  • Boosts your brain power – drinking coffee boosts cognition, and allows you to absorb more information. We usually drink coffee when we feel tired, and it helps keep us sharp by improving our attention span and reaction time.

I love my coffee, and I don’t know if I could ever give up my daily habit.

Can you make it through your day without it? Or, are you in the camp that can’t stand the stuff and won’t drink it despite the health benefits?

Share your thoughts below!

If you do love coffee, you’ll probably enjoy this awesome print from my new local crush The Letter House!

death before decaf

Photography by Sarah Waggoner

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