Kid Activities At Home: Making Flower Petal Bracelets

Making flower petal bracelets is part of the series Kid Activities At Home that seeks to use what we have around the house to occupy and stimulate little ones without spending a lot of time or money. It’s for those times you just need them to get out from underfoot.

I love fresh-cut flowers, and after 11 years of marriage my husband has finally got it! It is precious to receive them from my man, and it makes me feel so loved (even if he signed up for a subscription with an online company to randomly send them to me).

homemade flower petal bracelets

Before I toss the flowers in the trash I like coming up with fun little crafts with the kids using the spent flowers. Check out our flower collage here. This week we made some flower petal bracelets just using masking tape and the petals. Super easy people. Sometimes I think it’s silly to put these idea out here because they are so simple…but hey it’s a fun idea.


1. Pick the flowers off the stem.
2. Put masking tape around the child’s wrist sticky side out.
3. Stick flower petals all over it.

It’s so easy, so colorful and fun!

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