The Importance of Flowers

Minimalism is a beautiful idea that seems unattainable.  I talk about my ideas of minimalism here and also like this video on it.  But it seems that no matter how hard we try to De-clutter our lives Murphy’s Law will always win.  I am constantly trying to keep clutter from ruling my house and trying to keep surfaces clear is a never ending battle of ridding my home of junk.  But the one thing I add to my home on a regular basis is flowers.  I believe flowers are not only beautiful but in this article I’d like to reveal the importance of flowers.

 The Importance of Flowers

For a long time I would pass the flowers in the grocery store believing they were a luxury item.  But research has indicated that this isn’t true.  Having flowers in the home could be just as beneficial as eating your vegetables.


Here is what some harvard research as discovered:

1. Flowers will help you feel more compassion and kindness towards others.

2. Flowers can chase away anxiety and feelings of negativity.

3. Flowers can boost energy, happiness and enthusiasm when they are present in the home.


The affect of flowers on our mood has been studied by Dr. Nancy Etcoff a faculty member of the Harvard Medical School and the Harvard University Mind/Brain/Behavior Initiative. And She currently teaches a course entitled “The Science of Happiness”

The Importance of Flowers

This makes me happy.  And I hope this frees you to buy some flowers at the store this week.  Especially in the middle of this hard winter, bring some compassion, happiness, and a break from anxiety into home through some fresh cut flowers.

Here is a helpful tutorial from House of Earnest that easily displays how to arrange flowers using this scotch tape.

  The Importance of Flowers

The photos in this post are from Lauren who created Tablemakers – which is a movement to bring entertaining back into the attainable.   She thinks  gathering around the table is incredibly important in creating community!  Go check out her adorable blog to see more stunning pictures of her New Year Eve’s party.

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