Mother’s Day Letter

This Mother’s Day we thought it would be fun to do a short series of letters written from mothers to their younger selves with advice or wisdom from the future. You know, one of those knowing what I know now I would…

The first letter is written by a friend and author Ginger

This second letter is written by my Mom, who is 33 years into motherhood.

And the third letter is written by me.

mother's day letter

Dear Me,

Your kids grow faster than you have any idea they will. I know you think when your kids leave for college will be one of the harder times of separation between you and your girls, but it comes sooner. It comes with their driver’s license.

You will relish in their joy of driving and getting around to all their events and friends’ homes. All of that is good. You won’t even freak out at the danger. (Well, not too much, anyway). But what you need to prepare for is the loss of your time together in the car.

In the car there are always conversations going on or you are able to listen in on sweet conversations with their friends as you drive them to different places.  You learned so much of their joys and dislikes and will feel more in the middle of their lives as the chauffeur.  The day they get their license will be a big big step in the separation process for you and your girls.

They will learn great responsibilities and spread their wings to become more and more independent, which is what you and their father are teaching them.

It is all good… except they drive off and those precious conversations are, shall we say,  put in the rear-view-mirror.

Sure, you will still have conversations… but they will be different and need to be more intentional. I know you think that “going off to college” will be the big separation time but in all actuality, driving will be it for you.


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