take time to question

Take time to question your life


When is the last time you have stopped your life, paused, breathed in some cleansing breaths, and took a step back to gain perspective? My hunch is that it’s been awhile since you had a time of questioning.

The Definition of
 present participle: drifting
1. To be carried slowly by a current of air or water.

 I would also add

2. To be unknowingly separated from your life dreams by following after the lies held inside the American Dream.

 Now before I start sounding too much like a beatnik, can we agree that despite our best efforts, if we are not diligent about keeping clutter and unnecessary ideas out of our brains and houses we will be consumed with ideas and things that don’t matter. Oh wait, that is what most people are consumed with.

What does your closet look like? More clothes than you even like? How many lip sticks do you have in your purse? How often do you upgrade things that are perfectly good? Are you in debt? Are you stuck working a job you hate and can’t leave because of the spending choices you made years ago that left you in debt? What about your house? Is it overflowing with stuff? Stuffed to the brim with things you might someday need or want? Does all of this stress you out and make you want to escape? It’s okay, you are normal. It’s not that you’ve done anything wrong, you have just drifted from where you thought you were to somewhere that feels hard and wrong, because it is.  I want to talk more about why this happens but I’m not going to get into it right here.  The point of this post is to just plant a seed that maybe the life you are living isn’t the one you are writing.

I want to extend my hand out and yell, “grab it!”  as you whip around the merry-go-round that is your busy life. Be careful! It’s hard to get off without stumbling. But here you are invited to land clumsily and I cheer you on. My desire is to make a safe landing zone for you to find your way out of the rat race that holds you in with it’s lies that happiness comes with more. It’s such a small lie too, because the truth is that things are not bad. Work is not bad, actually I believe quite the opposite.  It’s just when it gets twisted up with debt and the expectations that it will bring fulfillment that it starts to breakdown.

I had a dream when I was in college to have a retreat center in the woods where people could come and find rest. It is interesting now, 20 years later these are still the longings of my heart. To be a host, guide and coach to help bring awareness to the importance of  pausing, lift your heads up and look around at where you’ve ended up.

Would you join me here? You don’t have to change anything, yet. Don’t feel pressured to rid your house of all earthly objects or quit all your busy activities. I promise I’m not going to ask you to do any of that. What I am going to ask you to do is to remember your dreams. Begin to dream about your future. Are you on a path that leads to where you ultimately want to be?  It’s never too late to change course and find a life that is simpler lighter and restful. Let’s walk together. I know of a secret path that is full of peace, beauty and love.

Lets begin to question our choices together.  In my next post I’d like to share how I came to this point in my life and why I think I’ve found something special.

If you want to dig in faster than I choose to write there are so many wonderful resources out there.  I’d start here http://www.theminimalists.com/dream/

With Freedom and Grace,


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