Raspberry Whiskey Cobbler Cocktail

raspberry whiskey cobbler

We are going to go ahead and start Monday off with this incredible looking and tasting whiskey cocktail.  Let’s all take a moment and reflect on our last weekend and look forward to the next.  And see how we might work this into Friday night with friends.

Is it crazy that my weekends are so packed with fun that I’m secretly glad when Monday morning comes, everyone get’s back in their schedule and I can have a moment with my coffee?  Maybe I am more introverted than I think.  But regardless, I have sweet friends and an incredible family.  I can’t wait to share this drink with them this summer.


2 oz whiskey
1-2 oz simple raspberry syrup depending on how sweet you want the drink.  This link is the recipe to how I make mine.
2 oz club soda
1 cup ice



Place whiskey, simple raspberry syrup in a mason jar with lid and shake with ice.
Pour liquid into cup, add ice on top, and top with soda water. Garnish with berries or lemon slices.

Enjoy you precious weekend people!


Photography by Sarah Waggoner

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