Showing Love 7 Ways in 7 Days


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Today we are starting a Valentine’s Day photo challenge about showing love. Which simply means we want to see how you are loving on others this month.

If you follow along on this blog, I confessed who I love the most a few days ago in this post.  We thought it would be fun to help create a habit in loving others.   So as we anticipate Valentine’s Day, let’s document our little moments of love.

Starting today use the hashtag #7waysin7days to capture these moments for the next week.  We will feature a few of our readers posts in our Instagram feed, and if you use the proper hashtag #7daysin7ways you will automatically be entered to win a Valentines Day gift from us here at Fancy Nonsense!  Woot!

Each day, choose a new way to show someone love from the list below. There is no need to go in any particular order. You can spoil just one person, or spread the wealth. Let the love fest begin!

instagram challenge