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I have started accepting sponsors here at Fancy Nonsense. What a blessing it is to be compensated for working in this space. I am so thankful. So it is with great privilege that I introduce you to John McCoy, from John McCoy Pottery.  He has spent 36 years teaching college students the art of pottery and has now set up a studio at home and creates gorgeous pottery while rocking it out to classic rock music.  Check out the interview with John below.

John McCoy Studio

I asked John a few questions to get to know him a little bit. You will find that he is a down to earth, focused artist that loves the process of creating and teaching.  I have truly enjoyed getting to know him this month.
john McCoy

This is his studio.


 When did you start sculpting and working with pottery?

I started throwing on the wheel in high school . I liked it so much, I went home and built  a potter’s wheel in my garage.

Can you tell me what you like about the process? and What frustrates you about working with clay?

What I like the most is being able to make something useful and hopefully beautiful out of a lump of clay. It is like magic. What frustrates me is that there is never enough time in the day to make all I want, and get other things accomplished. Sometimes I get started in the studio at 8:00 am and before I know it it is dinner time.

What makes your pottery different? or What do you try to put into each piece that would distinguish it from someone else?

I think my pottery is different because I am inspired by traditional forms but I like to give them a contemporary look. Also when I wood fire pieces, because of the process, they are one of a kind. I cannot repeat the results.

Do you have a role model or mentor that you can point to that encouraged you in your creativity?

I had two mentors that inspired me. The first one was Leon Roloff. He was my high school teacher. He encouraged and directed me. My second mentor was Rudy Autio. He is one of the “big names” in U. S. ceramics, and fortunately for me , he was my professor in graduate school, and my friend.

Do you listen to music while you work?  if so who do you like to listen to while you create?

Yes! I listen to music while I work, preferably very loud. Because my hands are always covered in clay, I listen to the radio. My favorite is classic rock.
John McCoy Pottery
Thanks, John, for supporting Fancy Nonsense, it is a pleasure to share you with my small corner of the world!



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