Spring Instagram Challenge

How is this month treating you?

We have been busy in the garden, playing at the park and enjoying the house with the windows open. I know most of you are dying to do this!

Next year I propose we have a Fancy Nonsense conference out here in Phoenix in February!

We can make it about something oober important like desserts, flowers and DIYS and spend the week in the sun creating beautiful things, eating chocolate and laughing the winter away.  Who’s with me?

In other random news, I gave up “shows” for lent.  🙁  We are 7 days in of 40 of not watching shows and I have just replaced this addiction for another.  INSTAGRAM.  Holy cow it’s fun.  I had no idea so many beautiful, creative and genuinely nice people there are out there.  I mean I did, but not really.

Are you beautiful, nice or creative?  What are you snapping photos of?  I would love to see how you have you been spending your days?

Because of this new addiction we’d like to try a simple instagram challenge to help welcome spring!

It’s short and sweet and full of fun.  We will start on Monday, so start snapping some pictures!

fancy photo challenge

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