Ten Uses For Lavender

Benefits of Lavendar


Lavender is a flowering plant that is recognized around the world for it’s healing properties and loved for it’s beautiful purple hues. Whenever I come across fresh lavender I immediately want to transport myself to an old French countryside and bask in the beauty and aroma of these flowers.

There are so many many benefits of lavender and we see it used all the time; from aromatherapy to food to our gardens. It is probably one of your staple essential oils. But how else can we use lavender in our everyday lives? Here are ten ways:

Ten Uses For Lavender

1. Sleep Peacefully
If you’re having trouble sleeping at night, or can’t seem to relax after a long day at work or with the kids, breathe this good stuff in. Put a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow or put some lavender seeds inside the pillow. Let the worries of the day melt away and fall asleep faster. Here is a great post on how to make your own lavender linen spray and another one about how to harvest your own lavender.

2. In the Kitchen
Lavender can be a fun and different ingredient in the kitchen. Add it to a salad or dressing, or use it to flavor your lemonade. Lavender honey is delicious as well and has numerous health benefits. I personally love when it is in a tea blend or used as an herb. If you don’t have a jar of Herbs de Provence, run and grab one! It can give some of your favorite dishes new life.

3. Insect Repellent
Many of us are still waiting for spring to arrive, but summer is not far behind. When the mosquitoes come back, we can be prepared. Rather than dousing yourself in smelly chemicals, carry some fresh lavender or put a few drops of essential oil on your skin. It keeps the bugs away and leaves you feel refreshed and bite free. Here is a great recipe for how to make your own natural insect repellent.

4. Headaches
Rub a few drops of essential oil onto your temples or upper lip and breathe the lavender in for a more natural approach to relieving a headache. Here is a great post with more detailed info on how to help headache symptoms using lavender.

5. Household Cleaners
Add a few drops to your vacuum for a fresh scent as you clean your carpet, or add it to your favorite laundry detergent recipe for clothes that smell like springtime.  Here is a great post on how to make most of your basic natural household cleaners.

6. Bubble Bath
Add some dried lavender or essential oil to your bath water to help you relax and detox. Lavender is known for it’s muscle relaxing capabilities, as well as improving your mental well being.  Here is a great post on how to do a Lavender Salt bath and another one on how to do a detox bath! Oh an after the bath try this relaxing lavender salve

7. Treat Acne
I’m twenty-four years old and still struggle with acne. My mother does as well, so I have a feeling this battle won’t end soon. Dilute your essential oil with water and use to treat your skin and combat inflammation.  If you want more information on natural ways to heal acne check out this post. Or this cool post on how to make a natural zit zapper spray!

8. Flower Arrangements
Lauren recently shared the importance of flowers. How pretty would some fresh lavender be with sunflowers or baby’s breath on your kitchen table? Tie some into a bunch with twine and it’s pretty all on its own.

9. Treat Burns
When you accidentally touch that hot pan or burn your forehead with your curling iron, turn to lavender to treat your burn. Rub some of the oil directly onto the burn, it will soothe the pain and the burn will heal much quicker.  Here is a DIY post on how to make your own lavender burn spray.

10. Eczema
Do you or kids have eczema? It can be hard to treat, and strong prescription lotions can be scary. For a more natural approach, mix a few drops of essential oil with coconut oil and use as a lotion. Even if you don’t have eczema, you can use this as an everyday lotion and to treat dry skin. Here is a great recipe on how to make your own lavender eczema salve.



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