This Week’s Meal Plan

Our Meal Plan LogoI am delighted to share that back by popular demand are my meal plans!  I have had a few people tell me that they miss my meal plans, (make my day).  So I thought I would put them back here on the blog on Sundays.

Let me be honest.  This “plan” is what we had for dinner last week.  I am not currently organized to share with you my future plan because frankly it doesn’t exists.  So I will share with you what we did last week to give you ideas for your meals.  Because really, does it matter?
Maybe this week I will take some pictures for next week’s plan, this post looks a bit bare without some delicious food to drool over.

This week’s Meal Plan



Breakfast – Homemade Yogurt and Homemade Granola

Dinner – Frozen Meatball subs on hotdog buns with steamed broccoli



Breakfast – Hot oatmeal with frozen berries
Dinner – Tilapia cooked in pesto sauce with a spinach salad
Kid’s dinner – Kirkland wheat bread pizzas.  (Piece of toast, sauce, cheese under the broiler for a few minutes)


Breakfast – Scrambled eggs and homemade English muffins
Dinner – Trader Joe’s soy chorizo quesadillas
Kid’s version – Bean and cheese quesadillas


Breakfast – Cereal and milk
Dinner – Frozen berries and coconut milk smoothies with frozen waffles and scrambled eggs


Dinner – Homemade pesto pizza on sourdough crust


Breakfast – Fruit on the go (headed out on a family hike)
Dinner – Smorgasbord of grapes, oranges, humus, crackers, cheese, peanut butter, nuts, and carrots to pick at.  (No official sit down dinner)


Breakfast – Dad’s fresh coconut almond meal waffles with hash-browns
Dinner – Dad’s burgers, corn on the cob, and a neighbors amazing apple pie!  (I am trying to convince her to write a post for us!)
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