Tuesday Treasure at Trader Joe’s: Caramel Sauce

Do your self a big fat favor and don’t make your own caramel.  What a messy and frustrating process.  Ain’t nobody have time for that.  This caramel sauce from Trader Joe’s is fantastic, creamy, slightly salted and smooth.  We of course added whiskey to ours, everyone is doing it.  For $3.49 unless you eat gobs of caramel it’s really a great price.

Trader Joe's Caramel

Yesterday both my husband and I failed at making our own caramel.  We tried twice! His didn’t turn the amber color and we were left with a pale sweet paste and mine practically lit on fire.  It’s pretty revealing to our personalities.  My man is the most patient person I know.  If I hadn’t come in and told him that he had been stirring the poor caramel for 30 min he would have stood there for another hour. I then confidently told him I would remake it later.  Once I mixed all the ingredients in the pot, I pulled out my computer to look at something non caramel related and boom the caramel was smoking.  It really was like 3 seconds people.   Anyway, it will be awhile till I attempt that again.


How to make Whiskey Caramel using Trader Joe’s Caramel


1 Jar Trader Joe’s Caramel

1 Tablespoon Whiskey

Heat caramel in a sauce pan on low heat.  When the caramel is warm add whiskey, stir and serve!

I also know many of you don’t have a Trader Joe’s close to you and I don’t envy that one little bit, because you probably will have to make your own caramel.  But if you reeeaaaly don’t want to, someone is selling some on amazon.






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