Tuesday Treasure at Trader Joe’s : Cookie Spread Chocolate Bar

This is a part of a series called, Tuesday Treasure at Trader Joe’s. This is a series that promotes the foods I love at Trader Joe’s. I have done all of my main shopping there for 8 years. It’s my little slice of small town here in the big city of Phoenix. I don’t get paid or sponsored by them. All of the reviews are my own. But of course if they wanted to sponsor me I’d love to make some money back.

trader joe's cookie bar

I am not in the habit of grabbing candy bars at the end of my grocery run, but on the recommendation of a good friend I was encouraged to grab this little nugget of goodness. And boy was I treated. I’m not going to say more. Just do it. Be a kid, and buy this on a whim, and then after you are done nod your head and say, “Thanks Fancy Nonsense”.

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