Tuesday Treasure at Trader Joe’s: Honey Roasted Sliced Almonds

Tuesday Treasure at Trader Joe’s is a series that promote the foods I love at Trader Joe’s. I have been doing all of my main shopping there for 8 years. It’s my little slice of small town here in the big city of Phoenix. I don’t get paid or sponsored by them. All of the reviews are my own. But of course if they wanted to sponsor me I’d love to make back some money from them. (wink)

Spring is on the verge of exploding here in Phoenix. You can see the trees start growing their buds, weeds popping up everywhere, and that excited feeling in your gut that just comes when you think of spring. Like most families we eat a lot of oatmeal here in the winter and a lot of yogurt in the summer. I like to have my yogurt with big blueberries, granola, and nuts. Enter this weeks treasure, Honey Roasted Sliced Almonds.


A list of things these would be delicious with.

1. Adding to granola after it’s cooled
2. Mixing into a chicken salad
3. Stirred into oatmeal
4. Put on top of warm muffins or scones
5. Combined with chocolate chips, pretzels, and coconut slices for a homemade trail mix
6. Topping vanilla yogurt and berries

There’s a start for you. What would you add these to?

Are you interested in specific recipes? I typically make things up as I go along. But I would be more than happy to include more specifics if that would be used.

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  • rachita80

    Yum…I have a recipe for granola that is “heavenly” delicious and these would be a great addition.  Also, I love the picture in your header.  Thanks for sharing.