Tuesday Treasure at Trader Joe’s: Kefir

This post on kefir is a part of a series called, Tuesday Treasure at Trader Joe’s. This is a series that promotes the foods I love at Trader Joe’s. I have done all of my main shopping there for 8 years. It’s my little slice of small town here in the big city of Phoenix. I don’t get paid or sponsored by them. All of the reviews are my own. But of course if they wanted to sponsor me I’d love to make some money back.

Trader Joe's Kefir

So people are all into kefir for its pro-biotic power. It’s a natural powerhouse for building up your daily dose. For a long time I thought it was made similarly to yogurt, but in fact it is quiet different, although it tastes almost the same. If you are interested in the process here is a good post on it from the Making Sense of Things Blog.

I skip the making it at home part and buy these delicious varieties from good old Trader Joe’s. They are delicious. My kids drink the strawberry one straight and think it’s actually a “special treat”. Get in the pro-biotic game and grab one on your next trip.

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