Uses of Vinegar

homemade orange surface cleaner

Vinegar is a great product you’ll find in almost every household. It is produced through a fermentation process, and there are many types of vinegar. Today we’re going to talk about White Distilled Vinegar, an inexpensive and economical option. We know it’s commonly used around the house for things like cooking and cleaning, but there are so many other things we can use it for:

  • Soothe a sunburn – Spring is here and we’re getting ready to go back outdoors. Research has shown that vinegar can be used to soothe the burn and prevent peeling.
  • Kill weeds – Most of us are tinkering with our gardens, and those who aren’t are planning on it. Try killing weeds the natural way by pouring vinegar directly on them.
  • Wash your veggies – A safe way you can wash your veggies is to rinse them in a vinegar wash. Just mix one tablespoon of vinegar with one and a half quarts of water.
  • Make nail polish last longer – Rub a cotton ball dipped in vinegar before you polish for longer wear. More time in between polishes? Yes, please!
  • Get rid of bad breath – Do you have bad breath? Try brushing your teeth once or twice a week with vinegar. This can also help with whitening your teeth.
  • Remove pet odors – We don’t like to talk about it, mostly because we’d like to pretend it doesn’t happen. But we all know your pet is going to have an accident, and when they do try use vinegar to neutralize the odor once the area is cleaned.
  • Sanitize your furniture – Vinegar is great to naturally sanitize indoor and outdoor furniture. Studies have shown that it can be more effective than the name brand, chemical based cleaners. Try Lauren’s recipe for homemade orange surface cleaner!
  • Cooking vegetables – Add a teaspoon to the water when boiling vegetables. This can help them keep their color, and give a little zing to the taste.
  • Remove sticker residue – Sticker residue can be so annoying to deal with, and whenever it happens there never seems to be a bottle of adhesive remover around. Next time, try using vinegar to remove it.
  • Remove stains – Barbecue, ketchup, mustard, sauce or even sweat; dab some vinegar diluted with water to help get rid of it.

Interested in making your own vinegar? Take a look at this awesome post on making homemade and herbal vinegars! Do you have some more uses for vinegar you use at home? Share with us below!

Photography by Sarah Waggoner 

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  • Natasha Piper Nethero

    Another use for vinegar…
    If there is an odor in your home (say you cooked brussel sprouts), pouring vinegar to sit in an open bowl overnight deodorizes the air.