Why We Might Be Ready For Backyard Chickens

Everyone always talks about how easy chickens are. I guess I make friends with a lot of urban hipster gardeners and live in a neighborhood without an HOA. So it probably just feels like everyone.  I am surprised I don’t have any hens yet.  I am usually one to jump on bandwagons like these, but I really haven’t wanted to until now.

backyard chicknes 3

We had the opportunity to babysit my friends baby chicks while they went to Disneyland. And I’ll be honest, I didn’t fall in love. I don’t find them very cute or sweet. To me they are more dinasour-ish, with their beady eyes, webbed feet and sharp little beaks.

They were easy enough, only having to clean out their cage one time over the short weekend they were gone was no big deal and keeping a heat lamp on them for warmth at night was just turning a switch.

But the added task of more poop to clean and something else to care for in this specific stage of life is still a bit of a stretch for me. I always thought I would be a great farm wife, I am starting to question that notions.  Maybe if I had some oober cool reclaimed chicken coop I could get more into it.
backyard chickens 2

As a gift for watching the chickens my friend included some eggs from her other hens at home. And boy are they delicious. The pay off of fresh eggs is pretty motivating. I got a picture of the store bought eggs and the backyard eggs so you could see how rich the difference is.
farm fresh egg and conventional

Do you want chickens?


Photography by Sarah Waggoner

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  • Robin

    How adorable are these photos!!!!

  • Audrey

    My mom keeps chickens in Scottsdale – she likes it! A mutual friend of ours (Mandy) just bought 2 from her. If you do take the leap, make sure to write about it!

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