Whiskey Vanilla Extract Recipe

whiskey vanilla extract recipe

Last Christmas, I got so bored with the standard homemade vanilla that everyone was doing.  I really wanted to make some, but just couldn’t bring myself to do the same thing every. other. blogger. was doing.  So, as I was drinking my whiskey drink one night,  I thought, “Oh,  it would be fun to make vanilla extract with whiskey!”

With most of my inventions, I am not the first one to think of this, nor will I be the last.  But let me tell you this whiskey vanilla extract recipe is just different enough to be cool.

The great part is that making it is extremely easy.

People traditionally use vodka in making vanilla extract because vodka doesn’t have it’s own taste.  Whiskey clearly does; it is also a flavor I am obsessed with.  So using this in frosting, cupcakes, and pies makes for such an wonderful and mature flavor.
whiskey vanilla extract recipe

Whiskey Vanilla Extract Recipe

15 Vanilla beans
1 Liter of whiskey


Cut the vanilla beans in half
Place vanilla beans in bottle of whiskey
Let sit for 2 months
Use as directed in recipes


Photography by Sarah Waggoner

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